If you have a vehicle that deserves the “junk” label, you can bet that it is a waste of space. Regardless of where you are keeping it. Fortunately, these kinds of vehicles are not at all hard to deal with. Did you know that they are surprisingly easy to sell?

So there is no excuse for not doing it. But you will be wanting to make sure that it is well and truly dead first. Otherwise, you will be scrapping a perfectly good vehicle. How does one do that? Let’s find out!

So, what is a junk car? Or “scrap…

(Last Modified on: August 9, 2019)

Nearly all vehicles require to pass an emission test in order to get an approval for warranty of fitness (WoF). However, most of the older automobiles usually fail their warrant of fitness checks due to being dysfunctional or faulty. Whereas anyone who have purchased a brand new automobile won’t have any struggle in getting a WOF.

As modern cars are well designed to pass this test with less hassle. Though these vehicles can face difficulty to pass their second emission test as they depreciate and get old. …

This is the most common question asked by so many customers so I decided to answer it for everyone.

Yes — Auto Wreckers buy vehicles without title (ownership papers, REGO), however, it can affect the value of the vehicle. Vehicles with the ownership papers, even they got scrapped or broken, can get more cash compared to the vehicles without title. Also remember that Wreckers might ask you to show proof of your identity and past ownership records if available.

Additional benefits of hiring an auto wrecker:

No paperwork — No hassles

Once you decided to deal with the Car Wreckers and happy with the final quotation then get ready to count the…

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