Can I sell my car to wreckers without REGO? Answered!

This is the most common question asked by so many customers so I decided to answer it for everyone.

Yes — Auto Wreckers buy vehicles without title (ownership papers, REGO), however, it can affect the value of the vehicle. Vehicles with the ownership papers, even they got scrapped or broken, can get more cash compared to the vehicles without title. Also remember that Wreckers might ask you to show proof of your identity and past ownership records if available.

Additional benefits of hiring an auto wrecker:

No paperwork — No hassles

Once you decided to deal with the Car Wreckers and happy with the final quotation then get ready to count the top cash for cars. You don’t need to take anymore hassles. Even, one of the staff member will take care of all paperwork, you identification id might be required for the legal purposes.

Free Auto Removal from your location

If your vehicle is not running — not allowed to drive on the roads or you don’t have to drop the vehicle to our salvage yards, then feel free to request for the FREE auto removal and get paid by sitting at your home.

Genuine cash for old cars

This is the thinking of most of people that auto wreckers don’t pay good amount of cash which is a myth. Price really depends on the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle. And you can get the fair amount of cash for the better condition. If you wanted to get an estimation fro trucks of vans then visit Truck Wreckers.

Operating Auto Recycling

We all know that we cannot recycle the vehicles ourselves. And finally, we need someone expert who actually proficient to do that process. Auto Wreckers are one of them and fully registered to Dismantle and Recycle the vehicle in a professional way.

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Originally published at on October 12, 2015.

Director @ Kiwi Auto Wreckers